No Job Offers – What Am I Doing Wrong?

value to the tableYou apply to a great role that appears to match your skill-set. You breeze through a phone screening, and then you have an interview with the hiring Manager and maybe their boss. Everything tells you that it went well, but no phone call with an offer comes, or if you’re lucky, the recruiter does contact you but tells you they “went with another candidate.” It’s tough when this happens once, but it’s tough to take when this seems to be happening more than just once. What could be causing this? After all, the company knew my skills and experience, or they wouldn’t have taken the time to interview me!

One area where job candidates may be missing the mark and, therefore, not receiving job offers after what felt like a solid interview is the fact that the candidate didn’t deliver a strong personal value proposition to the interviewer. A personal value proposition is a great way to demonstrate what makes you a unique candidate and how you can add value to a company. The value proposition could be delivered at the very beginning of the interview as part of the candidates’ introduction or more likely at the close of the interview. Ending without giving the interviewer a sense that they feel that they want to know more about the candidate is probably a frequent contributor to not getting a job offer.

NVA Career Coaching feels this can be remedied by A) working through the process of developing a strong value prop with a Career Coach and B) practicing interview scenarios where the candidate can very naturally deliver the value proposition under conditions presented by various types of interviewers.

Creating your value proposition is one of the most effective ways to give yourself an advantage in the hiring process. It works when used on your resume and or articulated during the interview because:

·       It sets you apart from the competition

·       It focuses on the benefits that you offer to the employer

·       It clarifies and deepens your understanding of the recruiting equation

·       What employers want and what you have to offer

Remember, the best value proposition is clear and straight to the point. If your value proposition makes recruiters think “what??”, you’re doing it wrong. If they have to read a lot of text to understand your offering, you’re doing it wrong. NVA Career Coaching can help you get it right!


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