Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re new to connecting with a coach or not you probably have questions about me or the process or just about anything at all related to coaching. I tried to provide answers to some of the more commonly asked questions below:

1. I’m not sure I need a coach…can you help me decide?

Do you feel stuck in a job rut, unable to determine how to change? Do you feel like everyone else has a great active network, but you feel isolated or you just can’t seem to know how to start networking? Do you feel like you wish you had a mentor that you can reach out to when you are faced with daily challenges at work? If these are some of your feelings, then making a coaching connection is the right next step for you!

2. OK…I’m sure I want a coaching connection but how do I start?

Great question and I’m excited that you want to make a coaching connection…making this decision is a great first step to achieving your goals! It’s easy…contact me HERE and I’ll schedule a 30-minute intro session (this one’s FREE). Based on the outcome of this session we can agree to a session framework to get you CONNECTED.

3. Well…OK…What’s this going to cost?

I charge for 1-hour sessions and I feel my hourly rates are competitive in light of the value I strive to provide. Generally, the hour sessions run from $ 75.00 – $ 100.00 depending on the coaching topics agreed to between us. I prefer to receive payment through PayPal even if you are using a credit card.

4. Is there a minimum number of sessions I have to agree to?

Remember you are making a coaching CONNECTION with me and I have found that six sessions (generally 6 hours) allow us to make a great foundation. The sessions can be conducted in person or by phone as you wish to give you added flexibility. I do ask that the sessions be scheduled in advance and that you adhere to the schedule to the degree possible to allow me to keep connecting with all of my clients. I do offer a “Coach Chat” Program which gives you the added ability to CONNECT with me whenever you need to as our schedules permit. This is a great tool for interview prep or last-minute coaching tips!

5. Do I have to sign a contract? ​

I love what I do and really look forward to building strong coaching connections but to ensure we are all fully aware of the participation responsibilities and other administrative items I do have clients sign a coaching agreement.