Make the Job You HATE, Work for YOU!

We’ve all been there or may still be there- dreading going to a workplace where we feel underappreciated, overworked, underpaid and possibly even physically ill. We have a boss or bosses who just don’t get it and co-workers who may or may not care at all about the work they are responsible for. We come home feeling hopeless and complain to anyone who will listen and/or post endlessly about our misery.


healthier job attitudeMake this miserable situation work for you! When we are so close to a bad work situation we become unable to see the possibility of any of the benefits that we are accruing in any job. But try picturing yourself in the interview for your next job…sitting across from an interviewer or interviewers ready to impress them with your acquired skills and how these will enable you to be the perfect fit for their company. What skills will you bring up? Time management, financial analysis, collaborative teamwork, project management…But wait, where did you acquire these skills? Surely the unbearable situation you are currently in couldn’t possibly provide ANY positive outcomes or does it?

Change your focus in your current role and really step back and identify the areas where the current role you are in IS providing you with an opportunity to acquire valuable skills. For this you may need to dig deeply for some work situations and really focus on “the trees” versus ”the whole forest” in this case.

You can start by making a chart with one column that lists the types of skills you want to acquire. These can be very specific. The on the column next to that try to see where you can acquire these skills from your current role. At first because you have built up a strong hatred for your current role you may be blocked from finding any answers. That’s OK…keep the chart with you and during the work day really focus on seeing where even the most miserable job may be giving you opportunities to match your desired skills. The last column is the action that is needed, in some cases, to start working on the skill acquisition.

Desired Skill Current Opportunity Action Needed
Project Management XYZ Project underway · Ask your boss if you can help on XYZ Project Team as documentation support

· Every project needs someone in this role and you will gain exposure to the overall project plan

Financial Analysis Monthly Management Reporting Package · Tell your boss you would like to speak to the reporting lead to see where you may be able to help

· Reassure them you have time to do this and it won’t impact your current role

Depending on your current role you may want to start with smaller incremental steps such as a support role but if you are comfortable you may want to look for a more direct leadership role even if it’s temporary. Many times even the worst bosses will accept an offer to help even if they won’t openly admit it.

ALWAYS be adding to your skill-set so that you have the necessary foundation to be able to move on from a job you hate – make your job work for you!


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